Saturday, September 8, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

Yesterday I started a 5 day health detox at the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta. It was one of the original places I researched back when I was first diagnosed and - in Mama Bear's loving panic - booked us tickets before Little Hodgy had even a single second to grow.

As everyone knows, I ultimately went to a similar program in Arizona that I felt blended both natural and medicinal treatments, but leaving us with a credit to the program here in Atlanta.

So far this program has been less than healing.

When I think of healing, I think of the ocean and my toes buried in the sand. I think of music and dancing. I think of bike rides. I think of laughter with friends. And yes, sometimes healing means sitting on my deck with The Hubby enjoying a glass of wine.

I do not think of healing as sitting in room ALL. DAY. LONG listening to a series of lectures.

To be fair, I do have more knowledge than the average person when it comes to the alternative therapies. And I knew coming into this that I would have to listen again about the benefits of greens and wheatgrass and infrared saunas and all the other things I've already done. I just figured it would be spread over 5 days, in between actually getting therapies.

So far, I haven't left my chair.

Not very healing.

I'm going into today with an open mind (naive perhaps) and hoping we actual do something besides listen.

If not, this chair just might be the death of me.

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  1. Ok, what about those awesome footbaths, Huh? Now, those can be pretty exciting..... Seriously, you know I'm actually envious that I cannot participate with the both of you at the Institute. I'm thinking of you Danameister and sending you lots of love! Gretchen