Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lifestyle Restrictions

Diets never work. We all know this.

People do crazy diets like drink nothing but lemon juice and maple syrup or only eat grapefruits and expect to see their dramatic results last. Diets aren't sustainable.

This is why when someone is serious about changing their diet in a lasting way, they call it a "lifestyle change." A lifestyle change is supposed to be sustainable. A new way of life where you don't feel deprived of the things you love.

Everything in moderation. Everything in balance.

You know what I hate about my new "lifestyle change"? Other than the fact that I call it a "lifestyle change" when it sure as hell feels like a diet?

It's that I fear I may never be invited to another dinner party again.

"Does she have any dietary restrictions?"

Umm, let's see: No meat, no dairy, no gluten, no white products, no processed products. Organic food is preferred. Oh, and if you can make sure nothing is prepared above 105 degrees, that would be great. Thanks.

Yeah, I'm totally that girl.

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  1. For now, Dana, but NOT for always. We can talk later....