Friday, February 24, 2012

March 16th or Bust

Today marks the date of my original departure.

When I first found out that the doctors wanted me to prolong my stay, I didn't handle it well. I was angry. I cried. I even doubted my decision to come here. But once I stopped being a total drama queen, I realized staying longer was the right decision.

Two weeks ago, I stopped doing IPT. Apparently my body does not react well to chemotherapy, even in small doses. My white blood count was consistently low, my bone marrow was being compromised, and as I mentioned before, my hair was (and still is) falling out by the handful.

In order to increase my white blood count, I was regularly receiving neupogen shots -- a solution that in itself is dangerous and can lead to leukemia if given too often.

I was sick and exhausted and my body was spending all its energy reacting to the chemo and not fighting the cancer. Having a healthy immune system is kind of a crucial component in kicking cancer's ass.

I was nervous going off IPT. Would I still make progress? Would the other therapies be strong enough? And most importantly -- how much longer would that keep me here??

I was assured that IPT wasn't necessary; that the other therapies were just as powerful in killing the cancer cells. In fact, Sodium Selenite, in addition to Vitamin C, might just be the future killer of cancer.

I was also told that staying a couple extra weeks could mean me leaving without a tumor in tow.

Sorry Little Hodgy, but there's just no room for you in my suitcase!

So as much as I wish I was on a plane headed home right now, I've decided to give myself three more weeks to get rid of LIttle Hodgy for good. And on the off chance that Little Hodgy needs some more ass whipping, I've found a doctor near my home that does both IPT and Vitamin C IVs where I'll continue my treatment.

Mark your calendars everyone, I'm coming home. March 16th I'll finally be boarding that plane -- but this time, hopefully short one tumor.


  1. Yay, Dana, keep up the positivity! FYI, there is an 11-cup Cuisinart food processor with your name on it waiting in my laundry room...dehydrator to follow!

  2. Thanks so much Sue! That's amazing! I look forward to trying your delicious recipes when I get home.

    1. Just seeing this now, Dana.

      A woman your mother trained with in FL and I are putting together a NEW fitness/wellness program, "The JoyFit Project" and would LOVE for you and your mother to be a part of it! I have come to realize that if I am to walk this path, I cannot do it alone. We MUST have the support of others - by supporting them, we are also supporting ourselves, perfect!

    2. Hi Sue,

      Sounds great! I would love more information and to be involved in anyway I can with the JoyFit Project -- it sounds like an incredible program! I look forward to catching up in a few weeks when I'm back in Detroit!