Tuesday, February 21, 2012

40 Days and 40 Nights: Photo Montage (Part 1)

I love pictures partly because you get to see what the photographer chooses what to capture in each photo. Look in most picture albums and it is the joyous occasions that are captured. People capture the events they want to remember. These photos are no different. To be honest, these photos probably represent about 3 of the 40 days I've spent in Arizona. I could have captured a more "real" portrayal of my experience, but who wants to see pictures of IV poles, blood, and needles? Besides, I'd rather not remember those.

a rare day of sunbathing




raw/vegan quiche

desert sunset

chemo (that's ice on my head and hands)

healing in progress


representing the 313 in sedona

ghost town

sunset in sedona

route 66

wild west

grand canyon

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  1. Wow again...what a beautiful gift you are and what a gift it has been for me to spend this time with you.
    With infinite Love & Gratitude,
    Momma Bear