Monday, January 9, 2012


Remember when Lebron James, a.k.a. “King James” made a mockery of all of us with his quest for the right team...with his fucking Decision? Sorry, I mean, THE Decision.

Well, researching cancer treatments, for me at least, has felt like a similar quest (minus demanding an hour long news special announcing the final verdict).  But This Decision isn’t really one I want (although ESPN, feel free to cover this if you're so inclined).

No, This Decision blows. It's a full time job, and not the one you want, but the one you're forced to take.  And, no one is giving me 15 million dollars for my decision.

Actually, it truly has become my full time job. Sadly, I recently stopped working so that I could focus fully on getting healthier. This wasn't something I planned on. It’s not like I got Cancer and said, "hey Little Hodgy, let’s stop working."  Even Hodgy knows this girl loves me some new shoes. But my treatment plan just leaves no time for work. At least not right now.

So after weeks of searching for the right treatment plan, deciding on the plan, and then changing my mind about the plan, I finally made THE Decision (I think).

I've actually made several "final" decisions already so until I start the actual treatment, there's no guarantee I won't change my mind again (sorry Hubby, I'm indecisive until I'm not. You dated me, you should know!)

But I feel confident that this is it. So confident in fact, that, “dunt-dunt-duh!”  I'm announcing THE Decision to all of you.  After endless hours of researching and countless emails and phone calls, I've decided to take my talents and head to...ARIZONA! To a treatment center called An Oasis of Healing.

I ultimately decided on An Oasis of Healing because it focuses on an integrative approach to getting rid of cancer. Rather than just poisoning my cells with chemo, I'm taking a gentler approach for my body. As I've mentioned before, chemotherapy leads to a host of short and long term side effects, including fatigue, infertility, thyroid malfunction, heart problems, and other more serious cancers.

At An Oasis of Healing, I'll be receiving Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). This is a low dose chemo that uses insulin to direct the drugs directly to the cancer cells. This allows the chemo to keep most of the healthy cells intact and reduces most of the side effects of conventional therapy. In addition, I will participate in other complimentary therapies such as yoga, nutrition, supplements, and if I'm lucky, courtside tickets to a Phoenix Suns game (Hey, I girl can dream can't she? Did I mention I have cancer?).

The goal at An Oasis of Healing is to not just get rid of the cancer, but to learn how to keep it away. Kind of important when you're only 28 and promised The Hubby you'd live to be 94.

When I asked my oncologist about IPT, not surprisingly he told me he wouldn't do it because "it may be dangerous." Last I checked, chemo wasn't exactly safe.

So am I taking a risk by going against my oncologists advice? Absolutely. Just like Lebron took a risk in alienating all his fans and pissing off the rest of the world. But it is THE risk That I, Cancer Girl a.k.a. The Thunder Stealer -- need to take. Otherwise, 5 years from now I could end up with breast cancer from the radiation and I would hate myself for not at least trying a different route. And maybe Lebron felt the same way. It may be the unconventional road, but sometimes you just have to take it to avoid your own "what ifs."

Will a lot of people think I'm crazy for going against the doctor's advice? I'm sure of it. Like Lebron, I'm sure that I too will have angry fans pissed at me for switching directions and going against what's been comfortable for us all. This team works. Why risk switching to another? But also, like Lebron, it's MY decision.

In fact, You can google alternative medicine, including IPT, and will get hundreds of negative articles to confirm my so called insanity. FYI, I've read them all, so please don't flood my inbox with hate mail. Unlike Lebron, I can't handle the negativity.

But at the end of the day, I have to be the only one that is comfortable with my decision. And this is THE Decision I believe in.

Hey Arizona, You Win!  The Thunder Stealer is Coming Your Way!

Someone tell ESPN I'm ready for my close up.


  1. I firmly believe in holistic treatment. Treat your body, heart, mind, soul - it all deserves healing attention. I support you all the way!

  2. Alan and I are praying for you Dana, where ever you go, whatever you decide.

  3. Dana- I strongly believe in alternative treatments, I think there are too many lobbyists and too much money pointing in one direction not to look and research what else might be out there...Good for you, my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  4. hi dana, i'm an old friend of matt and melissa's. my (now 13 y.o.) son had leukemia when he was 4. good job taking matters into your own hands, it is definitely not easy to do, especially if it entails going against the establishment. years ago i looked into ITP and have always thought that it seemed like a good way to go. during the course of bodhi's (my son) journey we experienced a full range of treatments from the way-out-there-you-must-be-crazy all the way to the most "advanced scientific medicine available". ultimately it was a varied combination of things that worked for us. i am a naturopathic physician and often found myself at a loss as to what to do next - i think that you are doing exactly the right thing for you: educating yourself and following your gut. have you seen anything about "cancer treatment centers of america?" they have a very good reputation and practice a lot of various "complimentary" forms of medicine - just mentioning this in case you are still wanting to check out alternatives to oasis (which i have heard good things about too).

    from briefly looking at your blog posts it sounds like you have one of the most important key elements in place, your husband. and it sounds as if you know that. continue to cherish that relationship. your journey is likely to get more difficult before it gets better. looks like you have set some great goals for yourself. be kind to yourself. allow those who love you to help you. i had a couple of mantras that helped me through, though not always easy to follow: maintain my sense of humor and maintain serenity.

    may the force be with you :)
    aloha (yup, i live in hawaii), lyle